The smasher of challenges – such as the High Times Cannabis Cup – is that you gaze over the rim. You’re trying to outgrow yourself, searching for new inspirations which are far over the claim of everyday business. Always asking: What can I do? What do I want? What is possible? You remember old friends and brothers … the answer is: teamwork. And then the challenge begins. Day after day, night after night, week after week.

At the 26th HTCC 2013 in Amsterdam from 24th to 28th of November 2013 together with Bernd Weinmayer, ROOR proudly presented the RAY PACK! Success! 3rd place in »Best Glass« category.

This fully functional pipe was designed as a portable backpacker system with a double cylinder diffuser. The 1,5 liter water tank can be taken down without tools. The skeleton chassis has a neon plasma filling and is connected to an external mobile power supply. The design and concept are based on a consequent continuation of the last High Times Cup Winners RAY MACHINE (2011) and the RAY HAMMER (2012).