Shoot to Chill: Ray Guns


Not a pipe to be picked off a shelf! The four extraordinary models of the RAY GUN collection are exclusively produced on demand.

The collaboration with Bernd Weinmayes demonstrates with its HTCC awarded projects such as RAY HAMMER, RAY MACHINE and the RAY PACK that glass offers almost unlimited possibilities to explore and live one’s creativity.
We must admit, however, that these art objects have indeed one disadvantage: they can’t be bought. After their presentation, these unique collector pieces changed hands at once – at a price which matched their extremely high production expenses.

In order to be able to offer exclusive pieces to ROOR enthusiasts that are still affordable, Bernd Weinmayer and ROOR decided to extend the RAY GUNS series: four high-quality models with an extraordinary design – inspired by their big mentors – are at your choice, exclusively manufactured on demand.

According to the prevalent production cycle, the delivery time can be up to several months (!) So, the one who is looking for a birthday or Christmas gift should contact our service department in due time. In rare instances, we have exhibits available – definitely, check it out.

The length of the RAY GUN #3 is – measured diagonally from mouth piece to end of the handle – approx. 33 cm, the diameter at the largest part of the body approx. 9.5 cm. Further questions regarding size and specifications of the single models are gladly answered by our team at 877.733.ROOR. Take it for granted that your RAY GUN will be delivered including an appropriate case.